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Newcastle hosts global conversation on cities

A small band of Great Debate aficionados gathered at Culture Lab last week to participate in an engaging conversation on cities with a twist: it was virtual and global. 
During the debate, which was more of an informal conversation, film and live panel discussions were shown via a live feed from Miami and Sykpe portals around the world. The aim was to stimulate debate on the past present and future of cities via social media. Twitter proved to be the media of choice and Newcastle participants were astonished to see their tweets appear on a screens in Miami, NewYork, and countries including India, Brazil, Tobago, Ecuador and Germany.

The film, by award winning Miami based film maker Sanjeev Chatterjee, was'a non-verbal visual meditation on the past, present and future of Cities' and had included sequences from Mumbai, Sao Paulo, and an eco city in Dubai. Discussions ranged from issues of food supply and architecture, to crime.

Lalya Gaye, a researcher at Culture Lab, tweeted that …