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The Falklands War through the eyes of a twelve year old.

On June, 16, 2012 the 30th anniversary of the end of Falklands War will be marked. Here I take pause to reflect on boyhood memories of the campaign.

Like most boys of the 70s I was brought up with action man, air fix aeroplanes and commando comics. The Second world war: "The War," was intangible to me, it was a look of nostalgia in my Grandmother's face; a vague childhood memory in my parents minds. To me there was no blood; there were smart soldiers, machine guns, parades, poppies and remembrance, but no blood.

During 1982 recession was rife in Tyneside. The area had a gloom of closures and dereliction that could almost be bottled. I did not understand politics but I understood the emotion of sabre rattling on the news. Sitting on the brown and orange carpet we were still struggling out of the seventies colour schemes. The TV, made in the UK, had a red button that you pulled out with a pop and waited for the tubes to warm. Of the two channels covering the conflict ITN an…