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West Bank Revist: Where are the children 20 years on?

At the close of 1993  the only mediated image of a Palestinian was accompanied by the word 'terrorist.' I was shown around a refugee camp in the West Bank.The trip changed my perspective entirely, it highlighted a blatant bias in western news media and simultaneously inspired my first piece of  report writing, reproduced here, with analogue photos -newly digitised- included.

If anyone recognises the children in any of these photographs and would now like me to tell their story as adults today please get in touch with me at:

Jerusalem.A young soldier points his gun at the minibus window. Our driver searches for his identity card. Failure to produce papers results in instant detention. A fellow soldier inspects the underside of our vehicle. Nothing is left to chance, there is a tense silence amongst my travel companions.

Ali, owner of EL-Arab hostel, is taking us to his home,  UN refugee camp Amari, near Ramallah in the West bank. He gives simple “yes” and “no”…