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A street view of Sarajevo's WW1 centenary

28th June 2014. 100 years since that fateful day when Gavrilo Princip stepped out of a sandwich shop and saw the car of Archduke Franz Ferdinand make a wrong turn onto the street corner at which he stood, Sarajevo remembered in its own, sometimes contrary way. 
Two shots took the life of the leader of the Austrian Hungarian Empire along with his pregnant spouse Sophie. Retribution was inevitable - the pretext for conflict was already  set - and one month later the wounded Empire made it's move, in league with Germany, on the Serbian Republic that had been complicit, through it’s intelligence services, in executing the assassination. Five days later the British Foreign Secretary Lord Grey - younger brother of Prime Minister Earl Grey - uttered the phrase that has come to encapsulate the outbreak of world war one:"The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time." Later, exactly five years to the day, the Treaty of Versailles was sig…