Freedom at 4am: Misadventures in Afghanistan

Freedom at 4AM is a true life tale of cultural clash in Afghanistan: from the political to the personal, from the spiritual to sexual. Set against a backdrop of history, geopolitics, religion and misadventure this immersive story climaxes with a unlikely call to prayer under life threatening circumstances...

"A powerful, sharply observed story of Marc Perry's experience working for an NGO in Kabul. He vividly conveys the underbelly of seediness and corruption of internationals; working in the shadows of violence, and death. Very readable - once the reader started, difficult to put down". 
Donald Reeves MBE.

I was honoured to be one of the first people to own a copy and to read it. It was compelling, terrifying, eye-opening and heart-breaking. I’m extremely proud to know and to have worked with such a talented and brave journalist.  
Lottie Gross, Editor, Rough Guides. 

What impresses me is that you’re fair to Afghans and Afghan culture, even as you tell this horrific story of what happened to you in Afghanistan; you give an unblinking view of the subculture of NGO/foreign occupation in Afghanistan that comes across as ...unhealthy;  you give a vivid picture of the damage and degradation that is the Afghanistan of today; you convey a sympathetic sensitivity to the horror of what’s been done to Afghans. 
Tamim Ansary (Author of West of Kabul East of New York)

"Freedom at 4am offers a great insight into what it’s truly like to be on the ground in modern-day Kabul, while at the same time keeping an eye on the historical context, especially how the region’s turbulent past has a habit of repeating itself. A real page turner."    
Lee Williams (Freelance writer Independent)

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