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In the Northern Border Lands of Kosovo

Leaving Kosovo from the North, into Serbia, is an impossibility for anyone using a passport with a Kosovo stamp. The pretense is that anyone with a Kosovo stamp must have entered Serbian disputed territories illegally and should therefore be sent back. Getting to see Northern Kosovo can therefore be problematic. One way around this political charade is to take a 200Km part-mountainous diversion via Montenegro, enter Serbia from there, then head back into Northern Kosovo from the Serbian town of Raska.

On leaving Raska for Mitrovica numerous heritage signs point the way to Serb Orthodox sites in Kosovo: Gracanica, Decani, Pec. The road to Mitrovice provides an interesting ride through disputed territory. During the 1999 war Serbs were pushed back into towns and villages north of the Iber / Ibar, the river that runs through the divided town ofMitrovica. Where the river could not separate ethnicites NATO's barbed wire was rolled out, defining geographically ethnic division that lasts…