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Protests, pain and cutting through past propoganda

An in-depth look into unrest in Kosovo, brought to violent expression in February 2015.

A mining rights/privatisation issue was married with demands for the sacking of a Serb MP following a comment after an ice-throwing-at-pilgrims incident in Gjakova. The comment: “Savages in Djakovica have ruined the holiday for people who came to their houses that were burned [after the war in 1999],”immediately stirred tensions. Kosovo police arrested two members of opposition movement Vetevendosje for throwing ice at the bus. Protests throughout Kosovo spread in strength arriving in the capital Prishtina Jan 24th and 27th where a smaller section became violent. 160 people arrested on the 27th are set to face prosecution in the courts. Apologies from Communities and Returns Minister Aleksandar Jablanovic were not accepted and hints that it,"may be desirable," to depart  his position by PM Isa Mustafa finally led to his dismissal Feb 3. His comments were described by a young business owne…