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A way station on the refugee road

What started as a trickle is still a ceaseless torrent.
When refugees first arrived in Macedonia they walked or cycled illegally across the country. In the north a local mosque helped safeguard them from traffickers and kidnappers, giving them rest, food and a place to sleep.
Driton, a big-hearted volunteer with a ready smile, has been with them almost from day one. He describes some of the people who have passed recently – an old woman masking her anxiety from her niece by telling her that, “Tomorrow they will have their own room where they will play together and gun shots will not disturb them.” And, “Children with Down’s syndrome, others who have lost their limbs, parents that as soon as they see trees around them they remember their yards…and then they can’t hold their tears”. And how, he asks, can he be worried? ”When from all these people that are in trouble I hear the words May God Bless you and all your friends who help us on our difficult days.”
Flat pack shelters provide the …