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The Genisis of a Jewel

Kosovo's Geological journey from the Proterozoic to the prehistoric and beyond. 
Kosovo’s high circles of surrounding mountains, fertile plains and central spine of low rolling hills have been built over eons of geological time. Not only did significant geo-tectonic events define the distinct geographic dominion that is today’s Kosovo but they also laid down the resources that have sustained numerous waves of competing armies and empires with expanding interests. The oldest rocks in Kosovo are concentrated in the North East with scatterings isolated in smaller pockets elsewhere. Their geogenic journey started 1000 – 570 million years ago when the earth was gripped, like a snowball, in the most severe glaciation on geological record. Strata formed by ice and fire would lay down the continental bedrock of Kosovo, only to be drowned out millions of years later.

240 to 66 million years ago, when dinosaurs dominated life on earth, Kosovo was, for the most part, under water. Metallic ores…